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Affordable and Best Ayurveda Treatments in Goa

Consultation (20 min – 30 min) – INR 1500 (Recommended)

Includes Pulse Diagnosis, Body Constitution with Lifestyle and Diet Advice with our Ayurvedic Expert.

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Relaxation Massage – (45 min) – INR 1500

Massage with warm oil application on body specifically concentrating on shoulders, neck, lower back and calf muscles.

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Rejuvenation Massage – (45 min) – INR 1500

Rejuvenate your body and mind with scented oil full body massage.

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Hand and Feet Reflexology – (45 min) – INR 1000

Relaxation of pressure points on hand and feet. It improves energy circulation and helps for relaxation.

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Shirodhara – (45 min) – INR 2000

Famous third eye massage. Which is done by pouring the hot oil on body in a scientific way which relaxes your mind. Procedure is helpful in insomnia, sleep problems, removes stress and relaxes mind.

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Ayurveda Skin Nourishing Treatments Royal Massage (45 min) – INR 1800

Massage with Special Skin nourishing oil which rejuvenate senses as well.

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Ayurveda Face Pack (45 min) – INR 1700

Face treatment with cleansing and massaging the face with Pure Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs and Oils.

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Ayurvedic Fruit Massage (45 min) – INR 1700

Full Body massage with Blend of different combination of Fruits with milk is made for skin nourishment.

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Abhyanga – (45 min) – INR 2000

Traditional full body Ayurvedic oil massage which is good for blood circulation and relaxation of body.

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Marma massage – (45 min) – INR 2000

Massage on vital points on the body called as ‘marma’. It is good for toning of the body good for energy and blood circulation.

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Udvartan + Svedana– (60 min) – INR 2200

Body massage with herbal powders known for skin cleansing, rejuvenation and weight loss.

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Matra Basti (Oil Enema) – INR 700

Enema with medicated oil useful for cleaning process of intestines.

*Only done under proper medical advice*

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Kashaya Basti (Decoction Enema) – INR 1000

Enema with special Ayurvedic herbal decoction which is also helpful for cleaning process.

*Only done under proper medical advice*

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Local Basti (Local treatment) 45 min – INR 700

A dam is made up of flour on specific area followed by pouring a suitable oil on it like neck (Manya basti), lower back (Kati basti), heart (Hrid basti), knees (Janu basti) and chest (Uro basti).

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Tarpanam (30 mins) – INR 1000

Special treatment for eyes which is done by using specific ghee.

Helpful for relaxation of eyes and different eye disorders.

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Nasyam (30 min) – INR 700

Nose treatment which is done by pouring the medicated drop in both the nostrils.

Very useful process for sinusitis, blocking of nose, cold and different head disorders.

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Karnapooranam (20 min) – INR 700

Pouring the oil in ears, a part of Indian daily routine which clears the ear pathway, softens earwax and allows smooth functioning of ears.

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Kizhi (45 min) – INR 2000

A bolus bag massage which contain different herbs. It is very useful in back pain joint pain etc.

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Indian Head Massage (20 min) – Rs. 700

Traditional Indian head massage which helps to relax your head.

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Njvarakizhi (45 min) – INR 2000

Tissue nourishing treatment using fomentation of the body with bolus of cooked rice, milk and herbs.

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Sensory Bliss (120 min) – INR 3000

A unique combination of different treatments which is good for your senses.

Package includes Abhyanga, Nasya, Shirodhara, Herbal scrub, Manjishtadhara.

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Saundarya Vardhini (120 min) – INR 3500

Complete beauty package to make beautiful your body and mind.

Package includes Milk cleansing, Abhyangam, Papaya pack, Thalapotichil and Ksheeradhara.

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SWAN Bliss (150 min) – INR 4000

Bliss your body, mind and senses with combination of our special package.

Package includes Abhyangam, Khizi (on joints), Hand and Feet Reflexology and Feet massage.

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