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Poorva Karma


‘Poorvakarma’ includes procedures required to prepare the body for deep cleansing. The details of each step are individually tailored by the physician on the basis of the patient’s constitution.

First, the Digestion Therapy (Pachana), cleans the digestive system of the patient. The cleansing is achieved by the ingestion of various herbs, which stimulate the metabolism, improve the blood circulation and enhance the mental concentration.

Next, the Oleation Therapy (Snehana), treats the patient’s internal as well as the external organs. Fats and sesame oil, are ingested over a period of 3-7 days. Simultaneously, oil is applied to the skin by a variety of massage techniques. The oleation therapy safeguards the healthy tissues of the body, loosens toxins within the system, and flushes the skin’s pores.

Finally, the Fomentation Therapy (Swedana), applies heat through a variety of methods including the use of hot poultices, vapor and steam baths, hot showers and baths, saunas, as well as the inhalation of smoke produced by burning herbs, animal dung, or wood kindling. Swedana relieves stiffness, heaviness and cold in the body

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