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Seasonal Panchakarma


Although Panchakarma therapies can be administered in any time of the year, but traditionally everyone who wanted to take care of their health and remain fit the Ayurveda Scriptures have suggested which treatments to be taken according to the season. The table also suggests which dosha would be normally aggravated in which season. These treatments are suggested to people with a normal health, and if you have certain disease or any other body condition the treatments would be accordingly suggested by the doctor upon detailed check up.



Dosha Aggravation





Aggravation of Pitta

Internal and external oleation (Snehapan, Abhyang) powders for Kapha & oil for Vata. Induced emesis (Vaman) and purgation, (Virechan) Strong nasal therapy (Nasya)

Light food, which is more pungent, astringent & bitter in taste. Avoid cold weather



Aggravation of Kapha

Internal oleation (Snehapan) Diaphoresis (Swedan) less hot Shirodhara with cooling herbs medicated enema (Kshira Basti/ Netra Basti/ Kati Basti) bloodletting (Rakta Mokshan) purgation (Virechan)

Warm food & drinks, more sweet, bitter & astringent food. Avoid excessive heat, and hot bath.


Windy, Cool & Dry

Aggravation of Vata

More emphasis on medicated enema (Basti Chikitsa) diaphoresis (Swedan-Nadisweda, pottali sweda) nasal therapy (Nasya)

Heavy food ercips can be consumed (if digestion is strong). More of sweet, sour & salty food.


Cold & dry

Vata & /or Kapha Aggravation

External oleation (Abhyanga) with medicated oil Diaphoresis (Swedan) purgation (Virechan). Nasal therapy (Nasya)

Hot food & drinks, more sour, salty & pungent tasting food

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