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Welcome to SWAN Ayurveda Goa.
On this page you can enquire about the various ayurveda packages, panchakarma packages which are offered at the SWAN Ayurveda Retreat in Goa. You may pre book ayurveda consultation with our doctor, as well ayurveda massages, therapies and treatments. We highly recommend booking a ayurveda consultation with the doctor prior to booking any kind of treatments, as all the treatments and the various oils are selected according to the body type and the dosha imbalance. However some rejuvenative treatments can be take by any one at anytime and the result is deep relaxation and feeling of rejuvenation. Please use the below booking form for making online reservation for your consultation and treatments.

    At SWAN Ayurveda we are focusing on the treatment part without compromising on comfort, and we are catering to people from all over the world. We have trained and experienced ayurveda therapists and doctors on the campus, who make sure only the best care is provided to our guests. We use locally sourced herbs and medicines and make some of of our own medicines which are used in the treatments provide to the guests, a small herb garden is being developed around the Ayurveda facility where are growing different herbs, being freshly taken from the garden the efficacy of the medicines becomes many folds.

    Being located with in the campus of SWAN Yoga Retreat, the effects of constant prayers and mantras being chanted in the retreat temple creates a very positive and effective vibrations all around this makes healing faster and long lasting.

    The therapies provided at the SWAN Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat in Goa India, include full body oil massage Abhaynaga, shirodhara, hand and feet reflexology, relaxation massage, herbal steaming of full body, pottali massage (massage with packs of herbs), ayurveda face pack, ayurvedic fruit massage, marma massage, udvartanam herbal powder rub massage, matra basti oil enema and various other treatments are available.

    हरिः ॐ

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